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Bizarre Bites: Dung Beetles

Bizarre Bites: Dung Beetles

Poo-poo Platter

A dung beetle walks into a bar. “Pardon me,” he says to the bartender. “Is this stool taken?”

Dung beetles don’t look in a refrigerator when they’re hungry, they simply trail a big animal until it goes number two. Then, dinner is served. Dung beetles are a popular snack in rural Laos and Thailand. People reserve piles of dung to make sure they can get their hands on the tasty treats. Dung beetles are harvested like this: find a stinky dung pile, poke around with a sturdy stick and pluck out the beetles enjoying their meal.

Dung beetles are like nature’s clean-up crew. To save their leftovers for later they will often roll dung into a ball and bury it. This process is really important for agriculture in the areas where dung beetles reside. The buried dung adds nutrients into the soil and keeps the ground soft. With their help, the soil becomes more fertile and farmers are able to grow better crops.

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How to Eat a Dung Beetle

First, the beetles need a good bath. This waterlogs the beetles wings, so they cannot fly away. They are left to soak until morning when they are put in a fresh bucket of water for a few hours. Next, take them out of the bucket, trim their wings and legs, and throw them in a wok. Toss the beetle with a little oil, basil, chiles and lemongrass until they are perfectly crispy. Snack time!

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Dung beetles don’t drink water. They get all of the water they need from dung. Just like dung beetles, hamsters, and even trees, it’s really important that humans stay hydrated. We get some water from our food like dung beetles, but it’s not enough. It is important that we drink plenty of water everyday. Why do we need water? Our bodies have lots of jobs, like bringing oxygen to your cells or fighting off bacteria, all of which require water. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day. It’s especially important to stay hydrated in hot weather or when you’re playing sports. Bring a water bottle to soccer practice!



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