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AZ’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild & Wonderful Foods

AZ’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild & Wonderful Foods

An Intrepid Eater’s Digest

When I was young I loved old encyclopedias, world record books, fine art and painting books, travelogues, world histories, tales of military campaigns, anything about ancient Egypt and even memoirs of great men. Frankly, the stranger the better. I liked the stuff no one else was talking about. When my son came into my life I tried to spark the same fire inside his imagination. He and I thought it seemed selfish on our part, so I decided to ignite the same fire in your belly. I think you need to know about zombies, and dung beetles, about eating hearts and toes and haggis!

Don’t like broccoli? Well, what if you were served up a plate of brains instead? From alligator meat to wildebeest, this digest of my most memorable weird, wild and wonderful foods will fascinate and delight eaters of all ages. If we can tell tales, we begin to solve our biggest problem: practicing contempt prior to investigation. That’s a fancy way to think about what happens when you tell your mom or dad you don’t like a food when you haven’t even tried it.  And when we tackle that issue together, we begin to grow a patience, tolerance and an understanding that will change our world for the better…and that’s pretty darn cool.

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