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Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt

Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt

52 Things to Look for at the MN State Fair

Looking for a fun way to explore the Minnesota State Fair this year? Try completing this State Fair scavenger hunt. Mullets, crazy tattoos, award-winning baked goods, celebrities, fair hair… if you can think of it, you can find it at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. So to liven things up, our office has compiled a list of things to keep your eyes peeled for this year.

  1. Donald Trump seed art

  2. The largest set of swinging sheep balls

  3. Selfie on the Tilt-a-Whirl

  4. Couple in matching outfits

  5. Set of triplets

  6. Non-ironic mullet

  7. An unfortunate tattoo

  8. Bikini T-shirt

  9. Unintentional innuendos

  10. A real Duck Dynasty style beard

  11. Adult going bare foot for the day

  12. Pajamas in public

  13. Someone over 60 “dabbing”

  14. Monty from Monty’s Pythons

  15. Celebrity sighting (bonus point for Garrison Keillor)

  16. Celebrity doppelgänger sighting

  17. Piercings connected by a chain

  18. Selfie with Princess Kay of the Milky Way

  19. Selfie with Fairchild the Gopher

  20. Hair long enough to trip over

  21. Someone who clearly thought this was the Renaissance Festival

  22. Jersey Shore wanna-be

  23. Bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies (bonus points for a pics with Sweet Martha!)

  24. Family with fair hair

  25. Someone suffering from motion sickness

  26. Live animal birthing

  27. Butterfly landing… bonus points if you pose like a Disney Princess

  28. Tractor ride

  29. Live tree stump carving, a new one

  30. A Rascal gang (motorized single seat carts)

  31. Live infomercial

  32. Sing along with fewest people singing

  33. Find your own doppelgänger

  34. Discarded underwear

  35. Someone who looks like they’re enjoying carrying around an oversized stuffed animal

  36. Camel toe

  37. Couple making out

  38. Double fisting corndogs

  39. Dog performing a trick

  40. The best tablescape

  41. The longest hot dog at the fair

  42. Tinder first date at the fair

  43. The oldest bonsai

  44. A blue ribbon winning pie

  45. Butt cleavage

  46. Someone who is hate-eating (a.k.a. eating with an angry face)

  47. Fanny pack couple

  48. More food than hands

  49. An earnest exhibit that’s unintentionally hilarious/horrifying

  50. An invention that nobody would ever really need

  51. Picture with 5 of this year’s new food

  52. Someone eating spam sushi



Headed to the State Fair this year? Check out my recommendations before you go.

• Andrew Zimmern’s Minnesota State Fair Food Guide


Photograph by Devan Grimsrud. 



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