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City of Gold


City of Gold

Premiering in Minneapolis this Friday, the documentary City of Gold explores Los Angeles through acclaimed restaurant critic Jonathon Gold’s eyes. Gold changed the world of food writing. Over the past couple decades, he’s made it a point to seek out extraordinary food in ordinary places. By uncovering and writing about restaurants that most critics ignore, he’s become a leading figure in the democratizing movement of culture, writing and food.

From food trucks to fine dining, Gold’s yearly list of 101 Best Restaurants, published in the LA Times, is considered the definitive guide to eating in Los Angeles. His reviews can make or break a restaurant. As the first Pulitzer Prize winner for food criticism, Gold has a way with words that brings the reader to his table. And by diving deep into Los Angeles’ diverse ethnic enclaves, he’s turned into more than a food critic. He’s a cultural commentator, using food and restaurants as a way to examine modern life.

City of Gold follows the critic around Los Angeles in his green pickup truck, including a research trip through the San Gabriel Valley and dinner at Ludo Lefebvre’s Trois Mec. The film explores the role of the critic and why food is a subject worthy of serious inquiry. Most of all, it’ll make you fall in love with Los Angeles.


Join me Friday, March 25 at 7pm at Lagoon Cinema for a Q&A. Get tickets here.



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