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Hawksworth Restaurant

Vancouver, Canada
Hawksworth Restaurant

Contemporary Canadian Cuisine

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, chef David Hawksworth’s eponymous restaurant is one of the best in the city. Trained in Europe and adept in a myriad of global techniques, chef Hawksworth’s forward-thinking Canadian cuisine is consistently flawless, fresh and modern. He’s passionate about local ingredients, a chef who believes food is better when it hasn’t traveled halfway around the world to land on your plate. And lucky for him, he has a pantry of incredible coastal ingredients at his fingertips. Sea lettuce is woven into a handmade pasta dough, mixed with dungeness crab and humpback prawns, and then tossed with a shell fish reduction that’s teaming with sea urchin flavor. Wild salmon is wrapped in bull kelp, to add briny flavor and keep the moister in, then encrusted in salt and baked. The dish is finished with seasonal vegetables and matsutake mushrooms in a smoky dashi broth. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder is paired with lentils, celeriac, pumpkin seed and tangerine (pictured above). For dessert, the Hawksworth kitchen churns out stunners such as cassis almond tart with pear sorbet and hazelnut-and-orange infused chocolate fondant.


Rosewood Hotel Georgia
801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC


Photograph courtesy of Hawksworth Restaurant.



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