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Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Waste Not, Want Not

By Andrew Zimmern

You have to check out a group I am working with out of Boston called Lovin’ Spoonfuls. Founded by my pal Ashley Stanley just a few years ago, this food-rescue operation has grown to a “fleet” of three vehicles. It just won Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good contest and will be receiving the new pickup truck in early 2014. Lovin’ Spoonfuls collects fresh, healthy food from nearly 50 grocery stores, farms, farmers’ markets, wholesalers, restaurants, and CSA access points. Their distribution reaches nearly 30 different non-profit beneficiaries throughout the Greater Boston area. Their footprint has grown as well, reaching north to Lynnfield, west to Waltham, and south to Stoughton, and they’re laying the groundwork to continue that growth throughout the Commonwealth. Most importantly, they have developed some new systems, most significant was the implementation of a digital inventory system. These resources are providing them with important data points for operations, including a major upcoming milestone – they’ve rescued close to 1 million pounds of food, averaging over 15,000 pounds per week. They’ve even added a counter to their website, which automatically updates at the close of every week. Got three minutes? Watch the video below.

Check out their website, and get in touch with these folks if you are a Massachusetts-based business that touches food in any way at all. If you live outside of the Commonwealth, why not start a food rescue in your town! The Lovin’ Spoonfuls model works, and they are eager to share their success with the world.

Lovin Spoonfuls from NADA GLOBAL inc. on Vimeo.



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