image description October 15, 2013

Dhaulagiri Kitchen

Jackson Heights, New York, USA
Dhaulagiri Kitchen

Stellar Nepalese Cuisine

Located inside the roti bakery Tawa Foods in Jackson Heights, Dhaulagiri Kitchen is a closet-sized eatery with only a half dozen seats, but it serves the best Nepalese food I’ve ever had. I’d put this family’s food up against any white-tablecloth restaurant in America, based on the astounding number of techniques and complex flavors on each plate. Order a traditional thali (pictured above) – a large scoop of rice topped with a crispy papadum anchors a plate of accoutrements such as pickles, daal, fried bitter melon, mustard greens, air-dried beef (look over your head) and a main course like chicken or goat curry. Trust me, this brilliant thali plate is without peer.


37-38 72nd St.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372



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