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Eating in Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Eating in Shanghai

China’s Modern Metropolis

By Bob & Sue

The food in Shanghai can be a bit sweeter and browner in color than that of its northern neighbor in Beijing, but many of the local foods are available highly spicy if you ask.¬†Lost Heaven offers outstanding food at several locations, with dishes such as delicious kung pao chicken, eggplant in shrimp sauce, DiaTribe chicken with 7 spices, and spicy tofu. Internationally acclaimed Di Shui Dong serves classical Hunan food in a spartan setting and is known for its fish head with yellow and red peppers, spareribs with cumin and rosemary, and bang bang chicken (shredded with “devilishly” hot red peppers). Harbor Plaza has great dim sum including amazing shrimp dumplings, fried egg rolls and durian custard puffs. Guizhon cuisine at Qie Xiang Ge features a special steamed chicken, an unusual pork with millet dish, and deep fried pork and mushroom strips.



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