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Olympic Provisions

Portland, Oregon, USA
Olympic Provisions

Portland’s Passionate Salumist

European-style housemade charcuterie is the bread and butter of this Portland eatery. Salumist and owner Elias Cairo uses Old World techniques (hand-butchered local pork, cased in┬ánatural hog intestine and dusted in natural white mold) to craft salamis with the traditional flavor profiles you’d find across Europe, from Spanish chorizo and Italian soppressate to the ultra-flavorful cumin and orange-spiked Greek loukanika. Do yourself a favor and don’t stop at the dry-cured salamis, the pork liver mousse, dry-rubbed hickory-smoked bacon and mortadella are to die for. Beyond the stunning meat department, you can order killer sandwiches at lunch and rustic Spanish/Mediterranean-inspired tapas and entrees for dinner in a decidedly bistro-style atmosphere. Not in the Portland area? Lucky for you, they’ll happily ship their products straight to your door.


107 SE Washington St.
Portland, OR 97214



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