image description September 6, 2012


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Collaborative Staff, Creative Combinations

By Bob & Sue

Chef Michael Carlson and his team double as the waiters in this super casual, music centric tribute to creative combinations of tastes and textures.  We enjoyed a baked potato soup with cheddar cheese stretched across the bowl and crispy potato skins and scallion puree, diver scallop with pumpernickel pudding served with a caraway aquavit shot, a single malt scotch and butterscotch glazed pork belly with persimmon, and a braised beef “smore” with green cardamom marshmallow and mole with camp fire smoke in the bowl underneath the top bowl.  This BYOB establishment is pure fun with friendly people and even the chef helping with every thing including hailing us a taxi with his chef’s apron on.


1466 N. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622



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