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Minnesota Honey Producers at the State Fair


Minnesota Honey Producers at the State Fair

After you’ve had your cheese curd fix in the Food Building, make your way next door to the iconic octagon-shaped Agriculture & Horticulture Building for a scoop of honey ice cream and a quick lesson on beekeeping. There’s a large footprint dedicated to honey and honey products made right here in Minnesota. And I may be biased, but Minnesota honey just tastes better. Honey is one of the few things, along with oysters and wine, that tastes of place, because honey bees only range for a couple of miles, foraging the pollen from flowers that are available to them. Don’t miss an opportunity to quiz the Minnesota Honey Queen, watch a live extraction demo and sample honey from all over the state. New this year, they’re offering a delicious honey ice cream float.

Location: Agriculture Horticulture Building, northside

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