image description February 26, 2018

Anatomy of a Geoduck


How to Prepare a Geoduck

We go behind the scenes at last year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival to show you how to prepare the most delicious clam in the world. I often say eating geoduck is like kissing a mermaid. Try it and I guarantee you’ll agree. The giant clam can be daunting to prepare, watch this quick tutorial before you get started.


First, use a blowtorch to soften the tough skin.

Geoduck removing the skin

Gently remove the skin.

Remove the geoduck shell

Run a knife along one side of the shell and pry open.

Remove the reproductive organ

Remove the reproductive organ.

Slice the geoduck

Thinly slice the breast and neck.

Geoduck plated

Serve raw with soy sauce and lemon.


Photographs by Madeleine Hill. 




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