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Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Shell a Lobster

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How to Shell a Lobster

Buying a live lobster, dispatching it, cooking it properly and then extracting all of the meat can be an intimidating process. I totally get it. However, if you love lobster—or are trying to impress someone with a luxurious meal—cooking it at home is easier than you think and far more economical than splurging at your favorite seafood restaurant. Watch this video to learn how to shell a lobster and extract all of the meat.


Ready to cook? Here are a few of my favorite lobster recipes:


Clams & Lobster Enchilado

This Flo-ribbean-Cuban-inspired dish is typically served over rice, but I always serve it over rigatoni pasta to soak up all the sauce. Get the recipe >>>



Lobster-and-Asparagus Salad with Miso-Mustard Vinaigrette

I serve a miso vinaigrette with my lobster-and-asparagus salad, inspired by the salad I had at the Four Seasons in Manhattan when I was in high school. Get the recipe >>>



Grilled Lobster with Coconut-Rum Glaze & Dried Shrimp Salsa

Lobster with Coconut-Rum Glaze & Dried Shrimp Salsa

This Cuban-inspired recipe combines grilled lobster with a coconut-rum sauce and fresh cucumber and tomato salsa. Get the recipe >>>



Lobster & artichokes

Lobster with Artichokes & Curry

In this dish, a tangy, silky sauce dresses the unexpected combination of sweet lobster, luscious artichoke hearts and hot Madras curry powder. Get the recipe >>>





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