image description May 26, 2017

Taco Perfection on Lake Street

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Taco Perfection on Lake Street

Pineda Tacos

Minneapolis may not have a dependable taqueria on every corner like Los Angeles, but head to Lake Street and you’ll discover plenty of authentic options. Pineda’s is a hidden gem of a place. What this sparse taco shop lacks in ambiance, it makes up for with flavor. I usually go for an order of four tacos, evenly split between rich pork carnitas and chicken in a fiery, piquant chipotle sauce. Everything is simply perfect, from the corn masa tortillas crisped in lard on the griddle to the home spun fillings with a simple cilantro and onion garnish. Wash it all down with a Jarrito’s Tamarindo, and you have one of the best on-the-go meals in town.


Pineda Tacos
2130 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55407





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