image description August 29, 2016

The Best Bite at the Minnesota State Fair

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
The Best Bite at the Minnesota State Fair

The Best Thing I Ate Last Week

By Andrew Zimmern

I wait all year for the first foot long hot dog from my favorite booth. The first bite is a toe curler. The snap of the skin, the peppery frank, the well done caramelized onions and kraut. It’s simply the best bite of the year and I think about it for about 350 days before it happens. The waiting is the hardest part. 

Visit Speedy’s About a Foot Long Hot Dogs at the corner of Carnes & Nelson next to the DNR building at the Minnesota State Fair, and don’t forget to snap a picture to enter our #AZfairfavs Instagram Giveaway!


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Tube steak bliss at Speedy’s About a Foot Long:



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