image description June 22, 2016

Andrew Zimmern Gets Stephen Colbert To Eat Brains on The Late Show


Bizarre Foods with Stephen Colbert

It was an honor to be a guest last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I can cross that off my bucket list now. We tried a buffet of interesting dishes featured in the 10th season of Bizarre Foods, starting with a a classic meat stew from Spain with every part of the pig—from the intestines to the feet. Next up, paper thin slices of raw goat with a little soy sauce and lemon, a meal inspired by food I ate in Okinawa. From the Bronx episode, Colbert dove into a bowl of hudutu, a coconut milk-based soup from the Garifuna community of Honduras. Traditionally made with fish and mashed plantains, we were lucky to procure a version with possum. And finally, as a tribute to Senegal, one of the greatest meat cultures on Earth, we dig into roasted sheep brains. Thanks to Stephen Colbert for being such a good sport.







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