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Berlin’s Best Cheap Eats

Berlin, Germany
Berlin’s Best Cheap Eats

Where to Eat Doner Kebabs & Burgers in Kreuzberg

No neighborhood exemplifies a city transformed quite like Kreuzberg. Located in the heart of Berlin and formerly surrounded on three sides by the Berlin Wall, this area was once one of city’s poorest and known to attract artists, punks, squatters and immigrants. Today, it’s one of Berlin’s hippest neighborhoods still teaming with an artsy, anarchy vibe, but on the road to restoration and gentrification. And it’s home to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the city.




Located under the elevated U-Bahn tracks in a century-old former public restroom, Burgermeister serves the best burger I’ve eaten in Europe. The loosely formed, griddled patties at Burgermeister are a far cry from standard European burgers, which are typically reminiscent of dense meatloaf on soggy crumpets. It’s a straightforward concept, executed perfectly. Past midnight, be prepared to join throngs of night owls after a few too many beers queuing up for a Meisterburger (topped with bacon, bbq sauce and fried onions) and a side of cheese fries. It’s a no-frills, standing-room-only kind of place with really great food.


Doner Kebab


Across the street you’ll find Baghdad Bistro, another casual spot serving doner kebabs, Berliners’ second favorite street food after currywurst. You can’t talk about food in Berlin without mentioning the doner kebab. It’s ubiquitous in the city, but not all are created equal. A syncretic food with Turkish origins, doner kebabs are made of veal, chicken or lamb cooked on a vertical rotisserie, shaved and stuffed into a flatbread, topped with tomatoes and cucumber. When done correctly, it’s one of the best sandwiches on earth. You won’t be disappointed by the kebabs at Baghdad Bistro—the meat is delicious and the toppings are fresh.



Oberbaumstraße 8
10997 Berlin, Germany


Bagdad Bistro

Schlesische Str.
10997 Berlin, Germany



Photographs courtesy of Travel Channel. 



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