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Your Quarterly Fix.

Your Quarterly Fix.

I love food. What I love even more is food with a story.

Through my journeys on Bizarre Foods, I’ve experienced a wide range of rich cultures, foods, and culinary techniques. I’m thrilled to share those stories and flavors from the road with you through Quarterly.Co, a subscription service that lets you receive awesome things in the mail from interesting people. Once you subscribe to me on Quarterly, you’ll receive a curated package from me every three months.

I know what you’re thinking… sounds cool, but what’s in the box? That’s part of the fun– it’s a surprise until it hits your doorstep. Don’t worry, I am not in the bait-and-switch business. I’m already putting together amazing packages that I would love to receive myself– lots of cool food and travel products, plus some recipes and stories from my personal archive you’re not going to find anywhere else.  I’m obsessed with technology (gotta stay in touch with Mrs. Z and my son while I’m out of town!), so expect some apps, gadgets and tools that make living out of a suitcase easier. And since I am such a huge pop-culture geek and a kid at heart, there’s bound to be a few weird odds and ends thrown in, just for fun.

Sign up here. The first package will arrive in time for the holidays… never too early to start crossing people off your list.

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