image description October 1, 2013

Poilâne Bakery

Paris, France
Poilâne Bakery

The World’s Best Bread

Buried deep under Paris’ ancient streets, you’ll find the baking and proofing rooms of Poilâne Bakery. Since opening in 1932, this place has become a staple in the city and beyond, known for their incredible pain au levain. Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall were huge fans in their day, and Salvador Dali once summoned Lionel Poilâne himself to create sculptures using bread as a medium. To say people are evangelical about this bread is an understatement. It’s a must-stop experience in Paris—whether you’re a croissant freak, a pain au chocolat lover or a straight-up baguette dude, a taste of Poilâne might ruin all other bakeries in comparison. It’s worth it.


8 rue du Cherche-Midi
Paris 75006
+33 (0) 1 45 48 42 59


Photograph by Matthieu Alexandre.



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